What is the Stock Market?

Stock Market NewspaperWhat is the (purpose of the) stock market?

By the time a person reaches adulthood, it is a pretty good bet that he or she will have at least a passing familiarity with the stock market. But if you’re interested in putting your money into stocks, it’s probably a better idea to have more than a “passing familiarity”, don’t you think? This post is an overview of the purpose and structure of the stock market in Canada.

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Equalized Payment Plan for Utilities Bills

Equalized Payment Plan
Stop judging me!

One of the places I don’t like surprises in my life is in my utility bills. Every month, it feels like the city is judging me based on how many resources I’ve used. I don’t always do as well as I would like. Then, to really drive the point home, they charge me for my gluttonous use of their water and electricity. I realise that I have to pay for what I use, but when bills can vary as much as $70 from month to month, I don’t like the kick in the gut I get from receiving a higher-than-average bill. The solution: sign up for an Equalized Payment Plan.

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Children’s Fitness Tax Credit

Children's Fitness Tax Credit
This counts for the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit

It’s no secret how expensive it is to raise kids. It is also no secret that as a society, we are not as active or fit as we used to be. The Children’s Fitness Tax Credit attempts to address both of these problems.

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