Bye Bye Weekend Ritual: No More Digital Newspaper for Me

Honey, where’s the newspaper?

Coffee and Newspaper
Vestige of a bygone era?

Thanks to recent changes in how people get their daily news, that question is quickly becoming an anachronism. Because of this change, Postmedia has recently made some changes of its own. None of the online versions of this company’s newspapers are free to read anymore.  As of last Tuedsay, after surfers read 10 articles, they are prompted to pay a fee for continued access. Postmedia made the changes to some of its papers last year, and time finally ran out on the rest of them last week.

When people first saw this news, I imagine that many reacted as I did: I immediately clicked to a different website in a fit of self-righteous indignation.  I refused to even click on the link to find out how much it would cost to sign up for the digital edition. When I was getting ready to write this article, after having had few days to get over (most of) my indignation, I finally checked it out: for access to the digital edition only, the monthly cost is $10.49. The yearly subscription rate is $125.90, so there’s no discount for a long-term subscription. This isn’t actually a lot of money, but it sure is a lot more than free, which is what it was until last Tuesday.

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Auto Insurance Game Changer

Auto insurance poison
If this looks familiar,
don’t bother reading this post.

A recently-introduced plan may revolutionize auto insurance in Canada. As is the case with many things, this technology has been around for some time in the USA, but it’s new north of the 49th.

Desjardins Insurance is introducing a technology called “Ajusto” as a way for good drivers to lower their auto insurance costs. Ajusto is a piece of hardware that plugs in to your vehicle’s OBD port. From there, it can monitor your vehicle’s use. If, in the company’s judgement, you are a safe driver, your insurance rates will be lowered accordingly. The reduction apparently doesn’t kick in until the second year, because they need a full year to determine just how safe you really are. If you are judged to be a safe driver, the savings can be significant.

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Dividend Yield

The yield’s the thing

Searnng for Dividend Yield
In this case, yield is a good thing.

When dividend investors look to buy stock, it’s (almost) all about the yield. By determining the dividend yield of a stock, you can see what that stock is going to pay you if you buy it. The dividend yield alone is not enough information to decide whether or not you should buy a stock, but it is one of the major factors, and should be one of the first ways you use to screen potential stock investments. Unlike the dividend amount (or dividend payment, or just “dividend”) the dividend yield is stated on a annualized basis, which permits apples-to-apples comparisons, regardless of whether dividends are paid monthly, quarterly, or even annually. Here is how to calculate a stock’s yield.

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