Unpaid Internships: Legalized Slavery on its Way Out?

Unpaid Internships
Perhaps you’d be willing to work for this bauble?

A court decision in New York last week may have paved the way for the end of the very common industry practice of unpaid internships in the USA. While this of course has no direct legal bearing here in Canada, I wouldn’t be surprised if unpaid internships also eventually went the way of the Do-Do here north of the 49th.

I should start by saying that I have never worked in an industry that has internships, so I’m not writing from a position of particular insight. I’m writing more as a concerned member of society who thinks that legalized slavery should be abolished. Not a particularly nuanced view, as you can see, but let me explain.

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My Daughter’s First Buy

kids and money
So it is with kids and money; you see the mistake coming, but you have to let events play out.

Kids and money is something I have been thinking a lot about recently, what with two youngsters (do people still use that word?) at home. Here is an account of my daughter’s first money decision.

Any parent will tell you that watching your child stumble and fall and make mistakes is one of the most difficult parts of being a parent. As a caregiver and protector, you feel it’s your job to step in and, well, give care, and protect. It was with the knowledge that her momentary exuberance might lead my young daughter to make decisions she may come to later regret that we set out for some local garage sales this past Saturday.

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Garage Sale Tips and Etiquette

Garage sale tips
Bargains await!

Garage sales, yard sales, rummage sales, whatever you call them, they are now in season here in the Great White North.

Some people love garage sales, and spend every summer weekend cruising the back alleys. Others find the idea of buying strangers’ used items slightly odd, if not outright weird. Me, I’m somewhere in the middle; I love a bargain, but I am not infrequently surprised that people think there is any chance of selling three-decades-old bottle openers, extension cords with two out of three prongs missing, or dolls with one arm, no hair, and marker all over their faces. Still, the fun for me is in the hunt for a bargain.

If you are new to the world of garage sale-ing, here are some tips to keep in mind as you cruise for deals.

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