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Silver Status Nice, but Level II Quotes Not That Big a Deal

Level II Quotes
Level II Quotes let you see the depth of the market. Invaluable for traders, ho-hum for investors.


One of the benefits of becoming more experienced in the investing game is that it usually leads to higher balances.  My user account recently passed the threshold to where I am now a silver-level member of the 5-Star program at InvestorLine.  With this new status, I have been given access to Level II Quotes and a few other perks.  I will be breathing this rarefied air at least until next quarter, when my standing will be re-evaluated.  Acquiring access to Level II Quotes, I have to say, is a goal I have had my eyes on for quite some time.  Apart from the cachet of having attained the balance required for acceptance into this ever-so-exclusive club and the Level II Quotes, what perks do I get for passing muster, and how beneficial are they?

Apart from the Level II Quotes, there are three principal benefits:

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Financial Dilemma: Slow and Steady or Swing for the Fences?

Financial Dilemma
How to solve a financial dilemma?

 A financial dilemma has come up in my life.

My work is not particularly reliable, and does not pay as well as it should. I want to be able to provide a better life for my family than I currently can.

Instead of complaining (although I do some of that too) I decided to try to look for some alternative sources of income.

This blog is one such endeavour. By my reckoning, if things continue as they are, I should be able to cover the costs involved with writing this blog by about 2050. That’s not a typo; I really don’t make much money with this blog, but it gives me a reason and venue to focus on finances, so that is enough of a benefit for me. But that’s not actually the biggest benefit I derived from starting Loonie Lover.

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And in Reply…

My last post about knowing when you’re able to retire based on your dividend income elicited some good questions and counter-points from Robb at Boomer and Echo. The answers I have would have involved a rather long response in the comment section, so I decided to reply in a new post. For the record, here is what Robb said:

I used to think this way, how­ever I don’t think it’s real­is­tic to live off div­i­dends and never touch your cap­i­tal in retire­ment. First of all, any RRSP sav­ings will even­tu­ally be con­verted into an RRIF and face stiff with­drawal rates. Sec­ond, what if you want (or need) excess cap­i­tal in one year to pay for a car, new roof, large vaca­tion, etc.? You’d prob­a­bly look to sell off some stock to access the cap­i­tal. Finally, there’s the poten­tial to work longer than needed in order to reach a tar­get div­i­dend income stream. It’d take a mil­lion dol­lars in cap­i­tal to spin off $35,000 to $40,000 in div­i­dends. Why wouldn’t you want to tap into that mil­lion dollars?

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