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Should You Try to Influence Your Child’s Interests?

inflence your child's interests
Is 7 years old a bit too soon to start envisioning sending my daughter off to university… and then a career? The future comes quickly!

Rather like last week, this post is about a personal situation in which I currently find myself. It has to do with whether or not, and if so, then how much, you should try to influence your child’s interests. That’s the macro. Here’s the micro:

As the summer approaches, many a parents’ fancies turn to thoughts of daycamps. As I live in a major urban centre, there is no limit to the choice of daycamps my wife and I can send our daughter to.

As a child, my parents sent me to a few daycamps in the summer  months, and I never thought too much about it. I honestly can’t say how much they thought about which daycamp to send me to, but I’d be surprised if their deliberations were more involved than confirming that  the cost, hours, and location were all suitable. I doubt they spent much time considering the theme or purpose of the daycamp, let alone whether it would help me in my career. Then again, they have surprized me before, so who knows.

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The Unimportance of Money

Unimportance of Money
Financial education leads to an address on this street.

Once in a while, something clever comes out of just about everybody’s mouth. Even mine.

A few weeks ago, I was driving my daughter somewhere when the subject of money came up. As most seven-year-olds are, she is eager to please (most of the time), and she knows that I spend a lot of time reading and learning about money and investments. I don’t remember exactly how the conversation went up to that point, but she said, with all the gravity she could muster, “We have to learn about money because it’s so important.”

Without thinking, I answered with what I think was some pretty good fatherly advice: “The reason we have to learn about money is because it is so unimportant.”

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Economic Indicators Primer

Economic indicators: what they are, and what they tell us

Economic Indicators
How is the economy gauged? Not with these.

Economic indicators are used to gauge the state of the economy. There are three types of indicators that are considered when looking at the economy: past, present, and future. These economic indicators are referred to as lagging, coincident, and leading indicators, respectively. Here is a quick and dirty explanation of each, along with a few examples.

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