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A New Way to Look at Retirement Planning: The Wisdom of Amanda Lang

Retirement Planning
Once you leave the station for the last time, you’d better have enough gas to last to your final destination.

Retirement planning is a topic that financial types go on about endlessly. There are good reasons for this, but that doesn’t make the message any more interesting.

Sometimes, to develop a new level of appreciation for a topic, one must frame the topic in a new way.  Here goes:

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Dividend Stocks: The Centre of My Investing Universe

Bit by bit, the pile gets higher
Bit by bit, the pile gets higher

Dividend stocks are an essential tool in building long-term wealth.  Yes, buying low and selling high gets the heart going, and makes for great stories to share with your buddies, but it is often accompanied by its less welcome cousin, buying high and selling low, or the family weirdo, buying low and staying low, wasting years, and eating up fees and opportunity cost in the meantime.  Dividend stocks make good returns better, bad ones less bad, and ensure your money is always working (i.e. providing a return) even if the stock itself is flat.

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Google Inactive Account Manager

Google Inactive Account Manager

In what is surely a direct response to my earlier post “Death and…Passwords?” Google recently announced on their public policy blog a new service called “Google Inactive Account Manager”. This cleverly-named feature lets you decide what you want to have happen to all of your Google-related accounts should you fail to access them for an extended period of time. (Which is my euphemistic way of saying “die” without actually using the word.)

After a period of inactivity that you set – ranging from 1 to 18 months – you can have Google either notify trusted people that your account is inactive, or simply delete your Google-related accounts. More information can be found on the “About Inactive Account Manager” page.

With Google leading the way, it will hopefully only be a matter of time until this type of feature is standard fare for any online sign-up service.

And on that cheery note, I’m going to sign off and take my coffee outside to drink on the patio, and enjoy the time I have left.