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Financial Planning Isn’t That Difficult!

Loonie Lover’s aim is to help you take control of your finances by helping you make wise investing and spending decisions.  As the name Loonie Lover implies, I am Canadian, and much of the content on this site refers to plans and account types that are uniquely Canadian, although the principles about investing and saving money are universal.

While Loonie Lover will not turn you into an investment banker, it will put you on a more level footing with the salesperson the next time he or she is talking to you about a particular investment, strategy, or product.  By knowing what questions to ask, and being able to understand the answers, you will no longer feel confused or overwhelmed by the various investment options available.  By understanding how financial markets work, you will be able to seek out solutions that match your particular circumstances.  Most importantly, you will feel the confidence that comes from understanding how to set and achieve your own personal financial goals.

Of course, making money from investments is only half the battle.  With apologies to Ben Franklin, a penny saved is in fact not a penny earned; because you spend after tax money, a penny saved is actually closer to a penny and a half earned. Everybody loves to work for time and a half, but spending at time and a half isn’t nearly as much fun.  In my opinion, with the amount of information that is available these days to anyone with an Internet connection, there are no excuses for not making wise consumer decisions.  When it comes time to part with your hard-earned money, Loonie Lover will help you get the most for it.

So now that you know what Loonie Lover is about, I invite you to come on in, sit yourself down, and learn (and perhaps share) ways to better manage money.  You’ll be glad you did.

Loonie Lover in Chief