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Environmental Benefits of Being a Cheapskate

environment for cheapskates
Trees are green. Money is green. Coincidence? Yeah, probably.

I guess I’m what you could call an armchair environmentalist.

Standing on the side of the road on Unter den Linden (the main drag in East Berlin) in 1990, being choked by the fumes emanating from the hundreds of two-stroke Trabants and Wartburgs┬ápassing by, I became convinced at an early age that once fouled, the air we breathe becomes much less enjoyable. I’m no environmental crusader, but certain things are just common sense. I try not to throw things out before they’re used up or broken beyond repair. I try not to take more than I need. I recycle.

That having been said, I still drive on the weekends, and when I go camping, I light a fire, even if I don’t need to; I’m certainly no tree-hugging granola-muncher.

Yes, you’re in the right place; this is a personal finance blog.

I can’t claim the halo of being a hard-core environmentalist, but it struck me the other while on a walk that lots of frugal habits, as well as being financially sound, have the additional benefit of being good for the environment.

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Life Hacks: Easy Ways to Save Money

Life Hacks
The best-tasting music you’ve ever seen!
(Go figure that one out)

Kids these days call these “life hacks”, although they were formerly known simply as “good ideas”.

They are listed in no particular order, but there are two unifying themes:

  • They should all save you money.
  • I have tried all of them (except for the bonus tip at the end), so they come with the Loonie Lover stamp of approval.

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Six Reasons to Love Public Transportation

Public transportation worth a re-think

Public transportation par excellence
Sir, your vehicle awaits.

Public transportation has a reputation in much of North America as being for kids and poor people. This erroneous idea seems to be more common in small to medium-sized cities, where the public transportation networks are less developed than in really large cities. In very┬álarge urban centres, on the other hand, public transportation is sometimes the only practical and affordable means of transportation for (financially) average people. Obviously, if where you live determines whether it is even possible or, conversely, absolutely┬ánecessary, to use public transportation, then the decision has already been made. For those of you who have the option, but maybe haven’t considered it recently, here are some reasons why you should think again about taking public transportation.

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